An Enterprise version of OSGeo Stack

to overcome customer challenges

María Arias de Reyna

@delawen at @geocat_bv

Enterprise what?

We already have open source software!

Open Source is wild

Multiple teams

Weak roadmap

Volunteer driven effort (weak deadlines)

CDD (Customer Driven Development)

What customers want



No bizarre new features

Easy upgrades

...but still use Open Source

Enterprise version

Audited. Well tested

All fancy selected new features

Clear and stable roadmap

Fast Technical Support

...and still use Open Source

Sounds utopical, how do you do it?

Sometimes minor version behind

... but cherry pick interesting (tested) features

Warrantee some environments

Move customizations to configurations

Check each and every commit

And test

Tailored to customer's needs

As we are sure of all changes

in the source code, we can adapt it better.

Less surprises

Cheaper developments.

Professional Support

Less bug reports

More tested.

Easier to test issues.

Come and ask about GeoNetwork Enterprise

and GeoServer Enterprise

Any questions?