GeoNetwork: State of the Art

María Arias de Reyna

@delawen at @geocat_bv


Metadata Catalog

Open Data Portal

...focused on spatial data...

Started in 2006

12,830 commits by 106 contributors (1,304,409 lines of code)

well established, mature codebase

very large development team

took an estimated 361 years of effort (COCOMO model)


Quick Overview

Stable usage with slowly increase

no stats from docker

Quick Overview

Mostly developed by europeans

on their work time

Quick Overview

Bolsena Codesprint

where we try to catch up

Quick Overview

From 2017 we started using PR much more

First half of 2018 almost as much as 2017

Recent Developments

Improve on accesibility

Improve on usability

Less hardcoded elements (like gazetteer)

More audits and bug fixes


User Feedback (using opendata)

Incoming Developments

Elastic Search to replace Lucene!! (4.0.0)

Draft version

Better administration, statistics, logs

New way of working

Focus on master

More speed on minor releases (3.x)

Path releases really only patches (3.x.y)

Come and ask about GeoNetwork Enterprise

Any questions?