How can I get a diverse team?

María Arias de Reyna

OSGeo President

Do we really need to explain?

IT is dominated by (white) male
A big part of the discrimination is subconscious
Just Social Justice
The ROI of diversity is high [1][2]

Warning Signs

Your team is homogeneous
Or they come and go and don't stay long
A person is not "diverse". A team is diverse.
Check evolution of statistics and indicators
Distribution across levels
Compare also per level

Warning Signs (Gender Gap)

You can extrapolate to other underrepresented groups
(Small<20) You have no women in your team
(Small<20) You have only one woman (token)
(20<Med<100) You have less than 30%
(100<Big) You have less than 40%
Only on IT!

You have to invest on diversity

Train your HR

If you don't have HR, hire a consultant
Even if you have HR, external audit is helpful

If not-for-profit, ask your nearest organization (WIT, PoC,...)

Remember this comes at a cost

Some tips on Closing the Gap

Do you have a Code of Conduct?
Do you have a safe workflow in case of problems?
Do you have a Diversity Strategy Plan?

Be agile, don't stuck them with a single team

Make sure the evolution is fair

Some tips on Closing the Gap

Go remote!

Allow flexibility (special for physically-challenged persons, family conciliation,...)

Inclusive language

Specially useful on job offers

Give voice to underrepresented

Normalize their presence

Some tips on Closing the Gap (Gender)

Remember you can extrapolate to other underrespresented groups

On similar candidate, hire the woman[2]

Don't start by hiring a junior woman

Better by pairs: senior and junior

Make sure the team is safe BEFORE introducing them

Some tips on Closing the Gap (Gender)

Don't push women to management track

(unless they ask for it)

Do you have former women employees? Ask for feedback!


To solve diversity and inclusivity, you have to invest

(and it will have a big ROI, so go for it)

Ask for advice, training, don't assume anything!

One last thing!

Women+ in GeoSpatial!

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