What is Spatial/GeoSpatial

Big Data

(the real one, the one that doesn't fit on a hard disk)

Open Data hipsters

(we already had standard protocols and formats in the nineties)

Not everything is Visual/Maps

(analysis, machine learning,...)

Earth Observation Services

OSGeo ramifications

Projects - where it all started - 2006

Events: FOSS4G, codesprints,...


Open GeoScience

UN Initiative


Service Providers


Web Mapping
Content Management Systems
Desktop Applications
Geospatial Libraries
Spatial Databases
Metadata Catalogs

And then there are the community projects...

Where was I?

Spatial Data Infrastructures (as a Service)

Cool name for saying: platform to manage and classify spatial data.

Catalog/Web to search + Storage (DB?) + Services to View(map)/Download (+ ETL tools)

ETL Tools

Scarce open source solutions

Catalogs - (Metadata - Services)

Standard/Interoperability focus

Community - President of OSGeo

How can it be used by Red Hat?

Fuse/Camel Spatial