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 Enterprise Integration Patterns

 Wide range of supported formats and protocols



 Multiple DSL

 Good Documentation and tutorials



 Technical Support

                //Start with a timer that executes the operation every 10 seconds
                      //Access the CSV file which can be on an api or storage device
                      //unmarshal and split the workflow per row 
                      //process each row
                      //the process is defined in a separated file
                      //push the results to the following API
                      //the returned XML is also processed
                      //again, the processor is defined in a separated file
                      //Prepare an SQL query based on the result of the process
                      .setBody().simple("SELECT info FROM descriptions WHERE id like '${exchangeProperty.pollutant}'")
                      //send the SQL query to the database
                      //collect the result and process it
                      //reunite the parallel streams that started on the csv processing
                      .aggregate(constant(true), aggregationStrategy)
                      //given the list of outputs per row in csv, process it
                      //store the result in another database

K-Native Camel: Camel K

Kamelets: Kamel Route Snippets

              apiVersion: camel.apache.org/v1alpha1
kind: KameletBinding
  name: telegram-text-source-to-kafka
      kind: Kamelet
      apiVersion: camel.apache.org/v1alpha1
      name: telegram-text-source
      botToken: the-token-here
    ref: (1)
      kind: KafkaTopic
      apiVersion: kafka.strimzi.io/v1beta1
      name: my-topic

Low Code / No Code Integration Development

Full explanation and more videos at https://kaoto.io/