Who am I?
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What do we want?

  • FAIR Data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable)
  • Reproducible science

How can we (developers) help?


Use standard formats

Use standard protocols


Reproducible Science

Hand by hand with FOSS

Need to see and run the code

Not all scientists are developers

The less code, the better

                //Start with a timer that executes the operation every 10 seconds
      //Access the CSV file which can be on an api or storage device
      //unmarshal and split the workflow per row 
      //process each row through the following API
      //the returned XML is also processed
      //Prepare an SQL query based on the result of the process
      .setBody().simple("SELECT info FROM descriptions WHERE id like '${exchangeProperty.pollutant}'")
      //send the SQL query to the database
      //reunite the parallel streams that started on the csv processing
      .aggregate(constant(true), aggregationStrategy)
      //store the result in another database

Low Code / No Code Integration Development

Full no code, just drag and drop